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The Canadian Border is Open!

Federal: Canada To Remove Pre-Entry Covid-19 Testing Requirements:

 April 2022 update

The Government of Canada has announced that effective April 1, 2022, fully vaccinated travellers will no longer need to provide a pre-entry COVID-19 test result to enter Canada by air, land, or water.

Unfortunately, fully-vaccinated travellers may still be subject to random testing upon arrival, however they will not be required to quarantine while awaiting their test results.

For partially or unvaccinated travelers who are currently allowed to travel to Canada, pre-entry testing requirements are not changing.  Unless otherwise exempt, all travelers 5 years of age or older who do not qualify as fully vaccinated must continue to provide proof of an accepted type of pre-entry COVID-19 test result:    

  • a valid negative antigen test, administered or observed by an accredited lab or testing provider no more than one day before their initially scheduled flight departure time or their arrival at the land border or marine port of entry; or
  • a valid negative molecular (PCR) test taken no more than 72 hours before their initially scheduled flight departure time or their arrival at the land border or marine port of entry.

All travellers will continue to be required to submit their mandatory information in the ArriveCAN app 72 hours before their arrival in Canada.  Travellers who arrive without completing their ArriveCAN submission may have to test on arrival and quarantine for 14 days, regardless of their vaccination status. (It's very important that you arrive at the border having completed ArriveCAN questionnaire). A couple of links provided below to assist in research.

Bait: You cannot bring live minnows, smelts, leeches, or any other type of bait fish into Ontario from the United States. Night crawlers are allowed but must be packed in containers with artificial bedding. 

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July 2021 update

With the border opening up to allow US tourism into Canada, this page will aid you to help cross the border successfully. The Federal Government has officially announced that the Canada border with the US will be open for fully vaccinated American travelers on August 9th , 2021. This comes with a list of Covid-19 safety measures that guests will need to adhere to. Fully vaccinated travelers must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be fully vaccinated with a Health Canada approved vaccine. (Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca/COVISHIELD, or Johnson & Johnson (one dose)
  • Must provide Covid-19 related information electronically through the ArriveCAN app or web portal including proof of vaccination departing within 72 hrs for Canada.  (Download ArriveCAN with 72 hrs of your trip)
      • Download ArriveCAN app on your cell phone & set up (user name/password) OR use web portal.
      • QUESTIONS ArriveCAN will ask see below; (You can add up to 8 individuals):
        • Arriving by Land or Air?
        • Port of Entry Crossing?
        • Estimated time of entry?
        • A couple of yes/no questions
        • Using cell phone; will prompt you to take picture of your passport
        • Using cell phone; will prompt you to take picture of your Covid19 vaccination cards (two pictures) one for your 1st dose & one for your 2nd dose. 
        • Where you received your vaccination? (US) United States.
        • Place of Quarantine? use the following information:
        • Lac Seul Whitewing Lodge - 80 Whitewing Rd - Ear Falls ON P0V1T0 (PzeroVoneTzero)
        • After questions, you will be issued a receipt ID code number. Take a picture and save to your photos to show government official upon request.
  • Must meet the pre-entry testing requirements. (PCR molecular test required within 72hr of crossing the border) Rapid test cannot be used.  Make appointment with your hospital/clinic well in advance of your trip.  Schedule appointment as early in the morning as possible for your same day results & allow for travel time.  It's my understanding Walgreens will do test for free if appointment is made in advance as well.  IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT THE PCR TEST IS WITHIN 72 HOUR WINDOW OR YOU WILL RUN THE RISK OF NOT BEING ABLE TO ENTER CANADA.
  • Must be be asymptomatic upon arrival.
  • Have a paper or digital copy of your vaccination documentation ready to show a government official on request.
  • You may be subjected to participate in random self-testing.
  • Have a confirmation in hand of your booking destination just in case
  • Mask required at the border and at public places

All travelers must present a suitable quarantine plan, and be prepared to quarantine should you not meet all the conditions to be exempt from quarantine. In this case, we will have accommodations available at "Lac Seul Whitewing Lodge" as part of your plan OR you can return to the US.

Please refer to noto.ca for any additional information and for Q&A.


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